White Fillings

White (or composite) fillings are a cost-effective way to repair a damaged tooth. Composite fillings are more cosmetically appealing than previously common amalgam (metal) fillings. They also have many other benefits, including:

  • Less sensitive to temperature
  • Able to restore most of the original strength of a tooth by bonding the filling with the actual tooth, preventing fractures in the long term
  • Less natural tooth structure is removed in preparation for a composite filling than an amalgam filling
  • Can be used to mask permanent stains, close gaps or reshape teeth to be more aesthetically pleasing

Teeth that have been significantly compromised may benefit from additional strengthening by a porcelain onlay or crownWhile these types of restorations are a larger financial investment, they are much stronger and longer lasting than composite fillings. Early detection can be the difference between a small composite filling and a larger porcelain crown. We would love to see you for a check-up before problems arise so we can help you avoid unexpected or costly treatment. Give our friendly staff a call to make an appointment.