General Family Dentistry

At Dental on Beams, we’re committed to providing quality dental care for the whole family, from childhood to aged care dental. We place great importance on nurturing a relationship your family and building upon it as we take care of your oral health through the years.

When it comes to healthy smiles, preventative dental is your biggest ally. Having your family visit our practice regularly is the best defence for many dental ailments, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Many dental issues can be prevented simply through patient education and regular hygiene appointments. We believe it is important for patients to be actively involved in their oral health, from creating good habits at home to being able to make informed decisions on dental treatment.

We strive to ensure our patients thoroughly understand all available treatment options so you can select the treatment course that best suits your needs.


Book your family in for their next check up today! Phone our friendly team on 5465 7995 or book online (available 24/7).


Regular check ups are important for the whole family

We recommend all our patients visit twice yearly for dental check ups. Regular monitoring means we can track your oral health and address any concerns or changes early on.

If you do find yourself with a dental problem, our highly skilled dentists are able to offer a wide range of more complex services including single visit crowns, implants and wisdom tooth removal.

The idea of visiting the dentist can make some people nervous, as a result they put off regular dental appointments. Which is why we have worked hard to give our practice a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere and talking with our friendly, experienced staff will put you further at ease when you visit.

We’re confident that you’ll discover that there’s nothing to fear about the dentist’s chair. Technology has come a long way, and we’re more than capable of dealing with a vast array of dental services for the whole family without the patient experiencing pain.


We offer dental services for patients of all ages

If you do find yourself with a dental issue, our knowledgeable and experienced dentists are able to offer a wide range treatment options including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and crowns.

It’s very important that as soon as you become aware of a problem with your teeth or gums, no matter how small or seemingly small, you book an appointment to see one of our experienced dentists. This gives us the best chance to minimise the damage and the cost.


Our range of family dentistry services includes: