Emergency Dentist

Need emergency dental treatment?

A dental emergency can strike at any time – accidents happen and teeth can be unpredictable. A toothache, broken tooth or unexpected wisdom tooth pain can put a dampener on your plans. Our experienced dentists are here to help with any emergency dental care you may require.

What’s involved in emergency dental care?

When you arrive at Dental on Beams for your emergency dental appointment, our friendly team will welcome you and take note of the problem at hand. Our highly qualified dentists will explain what the issue is/why it occurred and how we can fix the problem.

All treatment options will thoroughly be explained, as well as the various costs of each option. This allows you to make an informed decision, so you can leave Dental on Beams pain-free knowing you’ve had the best possible dental care.


Need emergency dental care? Get in touch.

Make an emergency appointment by phoning 07 3862 8300,
alternatively you can book online (available 24/7).

We understand the pain and discomfort unexpected dental issues can create, and that time is often of the essence in getting to the dentist. We set aside a number of appointments each day specifically for unexpected dental emergencies.

The team at Dental on Beams is standing by ready to provide you with prompt treatment and quality care.