Check Up and Clean

Regular dental check-up and cleans are the best way to maintain your oral health. Visiting your dentist regularly can prevent major dental issues from occurring. Prevention is far more cost and time effective than dental treatment.

We recommend you see your dentist every six months for a dental check-up and clean. The appointment takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes for regular patients.

For new patients we want to take the time to thoroughly address any concerns you may have and take an in-depth look at your mouth and oral health. As a result, if we feel like we won’t have enough time to dedicate to your scale and clean, we may book your clean in as a part of a future appointment.

Dental Check-up

A dental check-up is much more than looking at your teeth! During the check-up your dentist will discuss any concerns you may have, do a dietary and hygiene assessment, then they will do a thorough examination of your jaw, gums, tongue, throat, face and neck as well as examining your teeth for any signs of cavities, infection, cracks or excess plaque build-up.

At Dental on Beams we believe that education is power, and we want you to have an understanding of your oral health and control of your treatment. If any dental work is necessary, your dentist will go over the treatment in detail and explain why it is required.

If there are areas to address, they will create a dental treatment plan with your input. This means they can plan the dental work to suit your timeframe and budget. If further work is required in most instances another appointment will need to be made for the treatment to be carried out.

Dental X-Rays

X-rays may be required as part of the dentist’s comprehensive look at your mouth. This is done to get a better look at your teeth and to look for any decay or infection between or around the teeth that can’t be identified visually.

We want to find areas of decay before they are big enough for the dentist to be able to see with their eyes! With x-rays on file your dentist is also able to compare current and past x-rays to track any changes in your mouth.

Dental Clean

Your dentist will scale and polish your teeth to remove stains, plaque build-up and tartar. They do this using special ultrasonic tools and a gentle abrasive polishing paste. It is a lot more in-depth than when you brush your teeth at home.

Afterwards your teeth are shiny and smooth, this slick surface makes it harder for new plaque to stick to the surface. If you have heavier build-up or periodontal disease (gum disease) this may take multiple visits.

Fluoride Treatment

At the end of your appointment fluoride is topically applied to your teeth to strengthen the enamel. We ask that you wait 20 minutes after your fluoride treatment before you eat or drink.