The Importance of Early Dental Checks for Children

Dental checks for children are very important! Parents often ask us at what age children should start seeing the dentist. There is no set age, the answer is once there’s teeth! 

We aren’t able to set a specific age for your child’s first visit to the dentist for a number of reasons:

1. Checking teeth development

We want to make sure your little ones teeth are forming correctly.  If there are issues early detection is essential to minimise what can become more invasive dental treatment if treated later.

2. Setting your child up for a lifetime of relaxed and comfortable dental visits

It is important for kids to be comfortable in the dental setting. This is much easier when your first visit is for a play in the chair and a general check up rather than for a tooth ache.

3. Prevention Prevention Prevention

Early dental checks for children are a great idea. By starting young you are instilling good hygiene habits upon your family. Visiting the dentist with your child also allows you to gain access to knowledge about there oral health that you may have previously been unaware of.

So why don’t you book your little ones in at Dental on Beams.

Our team always go the extra mile to make your child’s first dental visit a great one!

You may even be eligible for free children’s dental under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme – ask our friendly reception staff for more information when making your next appointment.