How to Whiten Your Teeth

Thinking about whitening your teeth? You’ve come to the right place!  

In this blog on how to whiten your teeth, we cover:

  • Whitening options available
  • Pros and cons of each treatment
  • What is the best whitening method

Whitening Options Available

Your smile is a key part of who you are. Stained or discoloured teeth can be frustrating, fortunately there are a number of ways to whiten your smile. There are three general ways available for whitening your teeth.

  1. Over-the-counter products from grocery stores or chemists
  2. Personalised kits from your dentist to take home
  3. In chair whitening performed by a specialised dentist

Over-the-Counter Whitening

Over-the-counter kits from the grocery store contain far less concentrated materials than what a dentist can prescribe. This means you’ll need to use these kits longer and more frequently to get noticeable results.  The results will also not last as long.

Personalised Take-Home Whitening Kit

The whitening products dentists use are more concentrated, designed to give faster and longer lasting results. There are two options for whitening at the dentist, take home and in chair treatment.

To whiten your teeth at home the dentist takes an impression using a special putty so they can make whitening trays that perfectly fit your individual teeth. These trays need to be made up by a technician, so a second visit is required to pick up your personalized trays and whitening gel. The gel is different from over the counter options, it has a higher concentration of whitening solution and requires refrigeration. The whitening process is simple, spread the whitening gel onto the trays and fit the trays up over your teeth and leave on for approximately 30-50 minutes. The kit will have enough gel to do a number of treatments so you can achieve your whitening goal.

In-Chair Whitening

In-chair whitening treatment is completed in one appointment and results are instant. It combines a patented whitening gel with a unique blue LED lamp to boost the brightness of your smile by up to eight shades lighter. The appointment takes approximately one hour and you will see the results while in the chair, your teeth will also continue to lighten slightly in the days after your appointment.

Pros and Cons of Treatment Options

Over the counterPersonalised Take Home KitIn Chair Treatment
ProsVery cheap.Economical.
Long lasting results.
Instant results.
Lasts the longest.
ConsCan take months to get results.
Dental treatment may be overlooked.
Product may not be right for you.
Takes a number of treatments.Cost is the highest.

The best whitening method

The best way to whitening your teeth is to see your dentist. It’s the safest, most effective way to achieve the whitening results you desire.

The dentist takes your oral health into consideration before starting any whitening. They will first determine the cause of the discolouration, it may be the result of tooth decay or other underlying factors. In these cases over the counter products would not be effective, and could cause further damage or pain. Therefore it’s best to have the full picture of your oral health before starting any whitening treatment.

The take home and in chair options provided by your dentist are both excellent options for whitening your teeth, each has it’s advantages. It comes down to a matter of personal preference in relation to how fast you would like to see your whitening results.

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