Easter Brushing Charts – Free Download

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Let’s face it, we’re all going to eat too much chocolate over the next few weeks. The kids are probably sorting though their chocolate stash as you read this. Which is why oral health is so important at Easter.

We recommend you brush your children’s teeth twice a day for optimal oral health. Getting your child settled into this routine can be difficult, it’s important to persevere especially with all the sugary treats around the Easter period.

We’ve designed these FREE downloadable Easter brushing charts for you to use at home. There are three to choose from all designed with different age groups and routine levels in mind. Check them out below!

Download the individual brushing charts above, or get all three here.

Reward Good Habits

Brushing charts are great tool to make teeth brushing fun for kids. It can be the incentive needed to make brushing twice a day less of a chore, especially for reluctant kids.

Make sure to praise your children during brushing and while they colour in the spaces on their chart. The more fun and rewarding the process, the more likely the routine is to continue.

We recommend offering a small reward or prize when they complete their chart. There is no need to make this an expensive exercise. It could be their favourite meal for dinner; a family picnic at the beach; or maybe a small lego or toy (try picking something that’s collectable so they can build upon it as they keep up their brushing).

Tips and Tricks

It’s best to get your children to eat their Easter goodies around meal times, rather than all throughout the day. If they’re snacking continuously it means that the saliva doesn’t have enough time to properly neutralise the acid in the mouth and can result in damage to the tooth’s enamel.

Constant snacking can be more harmful than the amount of food consumed when it comes to teeth.

Another way to neutralise acid in the mouth is to drink water after eating. This is a way to “clear” the mouth as it aids hydration and increases saliva. Saliva contains enzymes which aid the re-hardening of tooth surfaces and neutralising of acids.

So enjoy your time with your family this Easter. Eat chocolate, have your treats. Get the family drinking water if snacking and brush brush brush!

Free Children’s Dental

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