Crowns & Dental Bridges

Dental Crowns

Teeth that have been significantly compromised can benefit greatly from the strength and protection a crown provides. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped porcelain ‘helmets’ that are custom designed for each patients’ individual tooth and restores the integrity of the tooth.

A dental crown takes two appointments to complete. In the first appointment the dentist will prepare the tooth and take an impression of the tooth. We send your information to a lab, where a specialised technician creates your new crown. At the second appointment the dentist will fit your crown.

If you have previously had root canal therapy on a tooth, your dentist may also suggest you protect the integrity of the tooth with a crown. Crowns can also be used to restore a dental implant post-surgery or anchor a dental bridge.

Please give our friendly staff a call to discuss your crown requirements, and we can arrange an appointment to suit your busy schedule.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges quite literally bridge the gap left by one or more missing teeth by using natural adjacent teeth as anchors to suspend porcelain replacement teeth between. Bridges are an excellent fixed alternative to dentures for those only missing a few teeth.

Bridges are made over two appointments. Your dentist will first prepare the anchoring teeth and take impressions of the area. These are sent to our local lab where they will specially fabricate your bridge. At the final appointment your bridge is checked to ensure a perfect fit before being cemented into place. If you have any missing teeth and would like to speak to one of our dentists about replacement options, please give our friendly staff a call.